Two rural towns in Lincoln County have been named on a list of “The 10 Safest and Most Peaceful Places to Live in Nevada.”

Online author Jennifer Young writes that “there are many great places in Nevada to call home. According to Neighborhood Scout, the Nevada towns on the list have the least amount of crime and are considered to be the safest in the state.”

Listed No. 1 is Dyer (pop. 300). “A small unincorporated community in Fish Lake Valley of Esmeralda County. This small town has a gas station/store, cafe, post office and an airport.”

But, No. 3 is Pioche is “an unincorporated community in Lincoln County and was once one of the most important silver-mining towns in Nevada,” Young writes. “Pioche is known for its ‘Million Dollar Courthouse,’ which was built in 1872.”

And No. 10 is Caliente. Caliente grew out of the Culverwell ranch of brothers Charles and William Culverwell, who farmed the land and provided hay for the mining towns of Pioche and Delamar. Young mentions Caliente received its name due to the hot springs discovered in the area.

But the Culverwell’s were not the first to come there. In the early 1860’s, two runaway slaves from Arkansas, Ike and Don Barton, established a small settlement.

There is a lot more about these towns that Young does not explain as to why they made the list of the safest places in Nevada to live.

It seems from the article, the only factor was the lack of a crime rate, but there might be other factors not specified.