If you love to sit and watch the high school sports, then you’ll be pleased to hear that teams are back in business. Lincoln County High School’s football team has been serious in their preparations for the season.

That preparation extended one more week as the team’s first game last Friday was canceled, due to Quest Academy’s fear of safety for not enough players to play the game.

“It’s kind of a bummer we don’t have a pre-season game to kind of measure things out and see if we’ve got everyone in the right place before the season starts,” said head coach Richard Ottley.

“We have to go into this week without any pre-season games, which isn’t ideal, but we’ll be alright, we’ll work it through.” Coach Ottley has high hopes and faith in his team this year. The attitudes of his players are great, he said, and they feel they have everybody in the right spots to begin the season. There are twenty players on the varsity team and fifteen on the junior varsity.

“We should be right there in the hunt for a league tie limit. You know, I’ll be disappointed if we’re not in the playoffs,” Ottley said. “I think we’re a playoff caliber team for sure.”

The Lynx kick off their season tomorrow as they visit Mountain View at 1 p.m. Their first home game will be Friday, Sept. 11 against White Pine at 7 p.m.