The Pioche Public Utilities Board has voted in favor of having a study done to determine the feasibility Lincoln County Power District becoming the owner/operator of the power system serving Pioche.

The item will also be on the county commission meeting agenda Sept. 7.

In the Pioche Town Board meeting Aug. 11, Tom Brown said he had talked with LCPD general manager Dave Luttrell about what liability the town residents may have and the years it is going to take to upgrade the Pioche system because it has been so poorly maintained over the years.

Brown reported it wouldn’t cost anything to look, and said he felt it would be to the benefit to the town if LCPD might be able to provide better service. Lincoln County Power would be willing to conduct the study.

All admitted there are a certain number of questions that need to be addressed before any final decisions can be made.

In other action, a motion was passed to require Carefree Living to pay the entire amount of their debt before the release of a lien on the property and before PPU will allow the utilities to be re-instated.