Some people would say that watching other people run is boring. That may be true, especially if they are running three miles or more. But that doesn’t mean they are any less important as a sports team.

Though it is an individual sport, the Lincoln County High School cross country team members support and encourage each other. Runners on the team set personal goals, and most of them reach their goals. That is what it mostly comes down to in cross country. Other runners are very competitive and set goals to win certain races, and that’s fun too.

The team recently had a meet at Dixie High School in St. George, Utah. Runners were pumped and ready as they trained hard to get their first race under their belts.

“The thing about cross country is we have to race against some people who aren’t in our division,” said running coach Lacey Pearson when asked about the Dixie meet. “The kids were super excited about this meet.”

The team made their coach proud with the times they received to start off the season. In the boys team, senior Jesse Mathews recorded the second best time in the southern division this year at 19:05, an impressive time for this 5K run, made more impressive by the fact that this is Mathews first year in cross country.

Junior Tyler Frehner finished with a time of 21:59. Sophomore Cody Dirks finished in 22:06. Senior Michael Winters, the only runner on the team who has been there for all four years of high school, finished the race 22:26. Sophomore Carlin Christensen had a time of 22:43. And freshman Max Bowen ran a time of 22:45.

Pearson has very high hopes for the boys team. “They are a great group of boys, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the top ten of our division.”

As for the girls, there are only two this year, but they are holding their own. Sophomore Shayla Mathews, a first-year runner, ran a 27:27. It’s a very impressive first run time, according to her coach. Junior Ally Wadsworth ran a time of 34:08.

“It’s a great jumping off point to start off the season time wise,” Pearson said. “I was proud of them.”

Pearson also is coaching Madison Mathews who moved over the summer and is running for Pahranagat Valley. “I think that she will qualify individually for the state meet,” the coach said.

“I’m really excited about this year’s team,” Pearson added. “I’m looking for them to qualify and place well at state.”