It is what it is — a commonly used phrase that tells someone that, no matter what the reasons are/were, the outcome can only be this way.

Last Friday, the Thompson Opera House in Pioche, which experienced financial blows due to low attendance this year, took a chance and hosted Doug and Aaron Haywood. The audience enjoyed the show, which was highlighted by Doug Haywood who has toured and worked with multiple Grammy Award winning artists and bands. Doug and Aaron gave all those in attendance their money’s worth, playing several encore songs at the end.

After multiple attempts to reach out to our community, prior to the Oct. 9 event, and explain the impossibility of success without support, only 40 people were in attendance. “…unless the numbers can come up, this is not going to be sustainable,” said Opera House manager Leslie Derkovitz just after the show. “At this point I can only risk bringing in people who will perform for a percentage of the ticket sales, and also knowing that attendance numbers might not be very good. This naturally significantly lowers the choice possibilities for performers, as well as probably finding less talented people willing to come to Pioche.”

Mary Kate drew attendance from Winnemucca and patrons traveled all the way from Goldfield to see Doug and Aaron Haywood, which forces this conundrum: How can tourists from all over, as well as everyone who performs in it, love the Thompson Opera House when they see and learn more about it, and, in an ironic lack of reciprocation, so many residents living here in Lincoln County see such little value in the venue, that the support for it remains this low?

At this point, there are no shows scheduled. When, or if, another show will be featured at the Opera House, remains uncertain.

Those who have attended and supported these shows this year face both gratitude and apology. Their support has been greatly appreciated and, preceded by apology, with the regrettable news that they may not have the same level of entertainment, if any at all. When they ask why or express discontent, only one explanation is afforded: No matter what the reasons are/were, the outcome can only be this way. It is what it is.