Noel Coward’s masterpiece is coming to the Neldon C. Mathews Center. Lincoln County High School Theatre de Masque will present the Super Naturally Spicy Comedy Nov. 4, 5, 7 and 9.

With a cast of only seven this is a smaller play than is usually attempted by the gifted actors of Lincoln County High School. Derek Anderson plays Charles, a writer looking to participatea in a séance so he can expose the medium as a fraud in his next book. His wife, Ruth, played by Asia Frehner is a skeptic as well. The two of them invite their friends, Dr. and Mrs. Bradman over to “play along”. These roles are played by Isaac Johnson and Haylee Zierow respectfully. Mrs. Arcatti is the medium played by Emma Pearson. When she really does bring forth a spirit all chaos ensues. The maid is played by Jana Ahlstrom and the Spirit is played by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Gloeckner.

With wonderful acting and accents, an amazing set and specials effects, this play is sure to delight crowds.

Blithe Spirit is a little saucy and may not be appropriate for younger children who may also find some of the longer dialogue a little boring.