Lincoln Communities Action Team, better known as LCAT, is doing what it can to promote tourism in the County.

Ben Rowley, owner of Nevada Central Media, gave an update regarding tourism in Lincoln County when he spoke at the County Commissioners meeting Oct. 19. And he discussed LCAT’s efforts over the last few months in promoting events and attractions in the area.

One of the efforts Rowley told about is advertising campaigns going on in areas surrounding Lincoln County, in Utah and other parts of Nevada, and digital billboard advertising in the Las Vegas Valley, promoting Lincoln County as an ideal outdoor destination.

There are several events in the county that are excellent tourist attractions, such as the Homecoming celebration in Caliente over Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July celebrations in Alamo and Caliente, the Lincoln County Fair and Rodeo in Panaca, the Pioche Labor Day Celebration and the Park to Park Pedal – Extreme Nevada 100, plus a couple of shorter rides and the new Gravel Grinder mountain bike ride in June.

“In May through October, we have a lot of major events in the county,” Rowley said. “So our task has been to help organizations in promoting their events and getting the word out.”

He added LCAT has been working with local businesses to gage how these events are affecting them. He told Commissioners, “The data we’ve received so far indicate that major events make a strong, positive impact on the local economy.”

Input from visitors to the county is also of extreme importance, and as of late has been positive.

For example, the recent 5th annual Park to Park pedal, which drew over 200 riders, is growing in popularity and riders want to come back, and some have each year.

LCAT also maintains a visitor website at, Rowley said, which has had over 17,000 visitors during the last 12 months. The most website traffic comes from Las Vegas, Reno, Southern California, Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. “These are the areas LCAT will continue to target, as individuals can easily take a day or weekend trip to Lincoln County.”

Another important function LCAT is doing, Rowley explained, is their efforts in building cooperation among various organizations in the county. “The main goal there is to provide support so organizations can work together to address the needs of the area.”

He noted, one organization that LCAT works closely with is the Nye Communities Coalition, and Laura Oslund, who is one of the leaders with the Nye Coalition, as well as a member of LCAT.

The coalition is involved in a variety of efforts to help people live healthy lives. Rowley said the group’s work in Lincoln County “has included working with the Lincoln County Sheriff in helping young people avoid substance abuse and violence, a car seat safety program and other initiatives are currently being planned.”