The Nevada Division of Forestry is looking at ways to lower Lincoln County’s fees for wildfire management.

Nevada State Forester Bob Roper of Carson City visited the area October 13, and county Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Rick Stever discussed the visit at county commission meeting Oct. 19.

Stever said Lincoln County pays the state division of forestry an annual fee for their help and support in wildfire management and wildfire programs in the county. He said, “Apparently, the Division of Forestry is rethinking some of their fee assessments, trying to get all the counties on board with their program, and he (Roper) may have an incentive, or something, that might lower the amount Lincoln County is currently paying.”

Roper, who became state forester in February this year, asked what Lincoln County has paid for fire suppression since 2000. He also asked what the county spent since creation of the Lincoln County Fire District and how many private and public fires there have been in the county and how many crossed over both ways.

Stever said most of the cost in that time period came from the 2005 fire on the south and east side of Pioche.

Lincoln County had to pay about $125,000. However, the bill was originally set at $1,200,000, but later greatly reduced.

Stever also noted the agreement and excellent relationship the county has with the Pioche Honor Camp to assist with fire suppression efforts, when necessary. “They have helped us out a lot and done a lot of work throughout the county.”

On another topic, Stever said the fire station at Mt. Wilson is just about finished and the interior insulation is being installed.