Are you smarter than a third grader? Let’s see how you fare against some third graders from Pioche Elementary who were asked how do you cook a turkey for Thanksgiving?

Rowdy Lloyd wrote, “This is how I make a turkey. First, I will find my turkey in the mountains. The only cost I will have is a few shot gun shells. I will take it home and pluck it. Then I will put seasoning on it and wrap it in tin foil and put in on the grill. I will cook it for 5 hours. We will eat it with mashed potatoes and gravy.”

Ellie Bleak wrote, “Have you ever been to a turkey party? I get my turkey at a Thanksgiving store. I will pay $50 for my turkey. I would put whip cream and stuffing on the outside of it. I would change the table into a stove and give them a show. I will cook it for 5 minutes at 40 degrees. Then we will feast on turkey.”

Lewis Hansen explains, “Have you ever prepared a turkey for dinner? From the wild I sneak up behind him, jumped on him, and get him. It would probably cost me about $300 plus tax. I will season it with Italian seasoning and apples in the wings. I would throw it on a wild fire and let it cook for 2 hours. The degrees don’t matter. That is how you cook a wild turkey.”

And finally Hunter Fry writes, “I was out in the wild hunting for a turkey and I found a fat, fat, fat turkey! If I can’t find one in the wild I would buy one in the city. It will cost me about $10. I will put it on the stove. It will look very ugly. I will put many ingredients on it. That’s how I will get a turkey.”

So, ask yourself, what would you do different?