robbery-1 robbery-2An All Points Bulletin has been issued by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, after an armed robbery and second break-in occurred over the weekend in Ash Springs and Caliente.

Sheriff Kerry Lee said it is believed the same person committed both crimes.

At about 10:20 p.m. on Nov. 29, a burglary occurred at the R Place Shell gas station. The official police report says the suspect entered through the rear door and began to remove supply products from the storage rooms. About 30 minutes later, a store clerk, hearing noises in the rear of the store, encountered the suspect who pointed a gun at the clerk and was told to “leave him alone,” at which time the suspect left the building. No cash or items were taken from the front rooms. It is reported the suspect may be driving a white van.

The person is said to be a white male, 5-10, between 160-180 pounds. He was wearing a gray jacket, grey sweat pants, white sneakers, gloves and a hoody with a distinct design. His face was covered with a scarf or a mask.

Lee said it is believed the same suspect then drove to Caliente where around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning, he broke into the rear of J & J’s Restaurant in Caliente. The reason for thinking it is the same person is because of the distinct hoody the man is wearing is seen in surveillance videos at both stores.

A couple of the photos of the suspect taken at R Place are on the sheriff’s department bulletin notice posted at various locations around the county.

Lee said they don’t know if the crimes might have been committed by a person just passing through the county, or a local person, but are asking anyone to report anything they may have seen by calling 775-962-5151 or 911 in case of emergency. You are asked not to try to apprehend the suspect who is considered armed and dangerous.