A Meadow Valley Middle School student has been removed from school for the remainder of the school year, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, after apparently making a threat to another student.

The decision to remove the student from school was made collaboratively between administration and the student’s parents, according to sheriff Kerry Lee. “It was a mutual decision by all those involved for that to happen,” Lee said.

Some took to Facebook on the Lincoln County School District group Tuesday evening complaining of the threat and demanding the district look into the matter.

Lee made it clear that as soon as his office was made aware of the situation, they were on top of it, as well as school officials. He also mentioned that though what the student did warranted the consequence, many of the rumors circulating about the incident are not accurate.

“The threats that were portrayed to us in the beginning weren’t exactly what was said,” Lee said. “I think as things went from student to student to teacher to administration, I think they got a little bit out of hand.”

The sheriff’s office made an announcement on its own Facebook page late Wednesday morning.

“Regarding the incident at the Meadow Valley Middle School, be advised that the LCSO has investigated and with the cooperation of the LC School Administration, this student has been removed from the school for the remainder of the school year. This has been handled as per LCSO Policies and Procedures as well as school district policy.

“As parents and concerned citizens, we do need to be aware of the situation, however, we ask that you refrain from escalating the event with unknown facts and/or rumors.”

Lincoln County School District Superintendent Steve Hansen said Lee called him informing him the sheriff’s department was handling the situation.

“The school jumped right on it, and we worked with the school administration and were able to resolve it,” Lee said.