Dear Editor,

I have had the privilege of accompanying the choir, “Bella Voce of Lincoln County,” for the past five years, along with other talented musicians. This opportunity has brought me great joy and satisfaction as I have worked with Klark Black and many wonderful people throughout our county. Mr. Black’s knowledge, dedication to the choir and professionalism create the perfect situation for all involved. He is able to bring out the best in each of us and challenges us to be better.

Mr. Pete Peterson and Mr. Jacob Lester also work constantly to brighten and uplift our community. Through their efforts, many plays and other events have been performed in the Neldon Mathews auditorium in Panaca, to the delight of many.

This year, an anonymous couple approached Mr. Black with the intention of providing the Neldon Mathews auditorium with a brand new piano. Wow! What an amazing gift that is to the community. A beautiful console would have been so appreciated. However, this couple has the same motto as my husband: “Go big or go home!” The result of their tremendous generosity, (and The Piano Gallery in St. George,) is a brand new, shiny black, baby grand piano! This perfect instrument raises the bar for entertainment and the arts in upper Lincoln County. The sound that comes out of it is simply amazing. Of course as a pianist, my heart did a triple leap as I sat and played. But I am not the only one who was affected. Our whole choir seemed to sing louder, try harder and sound better as a result of the gift.

I have often thought it would be tremendously fun to have enough money to do something exactly like this. How grateful I am that someone did. I do not know who the donor is, but I hope they can understand at least a part of what their generosity means to me and many others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


ShaRee Mathews