Lincoln Communities Action Team is looking to expand their calendar for both local events and tourism in both the busy and not so busy months of 2016

Wintertime is the slowest time, said group president Marcia Hurd. “But we are looking to pick up some new things for locals and tourists come next November. It’s a target we’re focusing on. Our goal is to eliminate some of these slow months and put something in them.”

In addition, she said, “We are also seeking some infrastructure grant money to update the billboard sign at the Hiko junction on of U.S 93 and State Route 375. “Maybe we will even add lights to it and a few other things. You can barely even read it now.”

The sign, which was updated about two years ago, has become badly weather worn and faded.

Hurd said they are looking at doing seminars with the Grover C. Dils Medical Center, but she did not have any information to release about it now.

The group has a website for anyone interested, to see what events are planned each month. But admittedly, as Hurd said, right now it is pretty slow.