County Commissioners approved giving $2,000 from the Western Elite Youth Fund to Lincoln County High School for a trip to Washington D.C. the first week of March.

School Principal Marty Soderborg said, ?We take the juniors and seniors back to D.C. every couple of years or so. It used to be part of the Close Up program, but we found that was focused quite a bit on the government buildings, Senate, House of Representatives, etc., and we really didn?t get to see the many other interesting sights and historical places around Washington. On our own like this, we can also visit Gettysburg and Philadelphia, two places Close Up did not go to. Also, they?ll visit Ford?s Theater, Library of Congress, National Archives, and several of the other national museums and monuments.?

About 20-25 students go on the trip, he said. ?And they have to raise all the funds themselves, apart from donations that might be available. It?s about a $30,000 trip to take them all back there. They do a lot of fundraising to do it, both individual and group efforts. The kids have been doing the concession stand for the basketball games.?

Haylee Zierow told Commissioners she looked at the trip as being ?a really great opportunity to go to see historical places and where parts of our history as Americans have taken place.?

Jesse Mathews said he was looking forward to ?being someplace where much of American history we read about actually took place.?

A quilt raffle to help raise money will be held later this winter. Each student planning to go on the trip is asked to raise about $1,000, but some do need additional help.

Mathews said he and his brother, to raise money on their own, have baked bread and sold it, which has helped with some of their costs.

Efforts to meet with one of the Nevada congressional delegation have not been finalized yet.