Dear Editor,

In response to the ( Wild horses becoming a problem in Lincoln County ) seriously, is this the first time you looked outside and seen sunlight. The Wild horses have been a problem for years but only have recently been noticed because of auto accidents.

Accidents have been ongoing for years in the Oak Springs summit area, Panaca summit area, North & South of Pioche and Northwest of Hiko. Do you hunt, camp or enjoy the outdoors. Take a ride in Lincoln County, drive down a dirt road for a short wild and you will surely see the the overpopulation of the wild horse. If the BLM wants to protect these wild horses they need to take control them.

If the Environmental groups care so much for these horses they should pay for a ranch themselves to feed & store them.I don’t want to be part of this tax burden, do you? The BLM has let this get out of control and should have had them rounded up and hauled away. If the Mule deer or Elk were overpopulating ,the State would make regulations to adjust the levels. Because not enough has been done for so long things are out of control.

This is a dire situation and needs attention. What is next, here comes the Wolf?

Mike Harding

Caliente Nev.