The Caliente City Council discussed in January that the Vortex Power project has been approved and would start construction toward the end of February. This power plant would create about 25 new jobs.

The biodegradable sub station, called the ThermoMax3, will be built in Antelope Canyon. It is what’s called a Thermal Vortex System, which burns waste material at anywhere from 1,800 to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and spins the burning material at roughly 90 miles per hour. The materials are mixed with controlled amounts of air to create combustion. The process is said to create no harmful emissions. This will allow the city to burn things such as old tires and other kinds of waste to produce energy and is lauded as a clean method to dispose of waste and produce clean energy.

The company bringing Vortex Power to Caliente is VanNatta Worldwide. Company CEO Jim VanNatta sent a letter to Caliente, stating it was “with great honor” that he could announce the funding for this project was secured.

The council meeting February 4 brought some good news Caliente residents. Wireless company T-Mobile is planning a 150 foot 4G LTE tower here in town, which means Caliente cell phone users can have better connections and faster data. T-Mobile has a site and property plan in mind and will purchase the land instead of leasing it for the tower. Ken Dixon was a little concerned about the location site for the tower, saying that four houses would surround the tower and he would rather they build it near the rodeo grounds.

A settlement was approved regarding former city clerk Jo Whitlock, who filed a complaint in late 2013 after being terminated. The complaint was two-fold, claiming deprivation of property interest in violation of due process and breach of contract. The council voted and approved for a settlement of 165,000 dollars in which 103,000 will go to Jo Whitlock and 61,000 will go to her lawyer fees. Council member Cody Christensen stated that this was the best way to resolve the issue and that Nevada State Pool Pact, the city’s insurance, will pay the settlement and the monies will not come out of the city budget.

In other items, a business license for UP@Dawns, Dawn Bradshaw’s new salon, has been approved and is now open. Bradshaw’s business will offer services such as facials, body treatments, full body wax, eyebrow shaping and tanning. The spa is located in the Depot Business Center.

A business license was also approved for Criterion Brock, owned by James Z. Voss out of Las Vegas. This is a floor covering business here in Caliente and is now operating.

The International Mountain Bicycling Association will start construction on the non-motorized trail system in the spring. Leaders are hopeful the new trails will bring in a lot of visitors and mountain bikers in the spring and summer, and provide new opportunities for Caliente businesses.