Cycling is becoming a growing recreational activity in Lincoln County for families and individuals. More plans are being developed. At present, the City of Caliente is continuing with creating draft plans for county bicycle trails and the Bureau of Land Management Caliente Field Office is accepting public input on the Lincoln County Partners Non-motorized Multipurpose Trails Preliminary Environmental Assessment.

County Commissioners heard comments on the progress of both plans at their regular meeting Feb. 16.

Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle said there at least two grazing allotments where bike trails are being planned, and a few of the local citizens were on hand at the meeting to make it known that some of the allotments are still being used, and there could be use by domestic animals occasionally found on those trails.

Tyra Lytle noted Sawmill, Clover Creek, Sandhill and Mustang Flats areas are being used, and there are some others behind Kershaw-Ryan State Park.

One person quipped, “Coming upon a cow pie on trails in Nevada is just part of the experience. It’s what you signed up for.”

Cory Lytle said, “It’s on the BLM website as to what the environmental assessment is doing. It’s just for a heightened awareness that there are some seasonal grazing activities here. But I don’t think the usage is very high.”

Lincoln County does support the idea of the trail system and some of the county trails will even be connected in time.

In addition, Lytle said, the county bicycle plan is more of a Nevada Department of Transportation plan that will take into account bicyclists when planning and improving highway and city streets.

Lytle said his office is currently reviewing plans that have been submitted and funding sources are being sought. “BLM already has some to do their trails,” he said. “And the City of Caliente has some funding for their plans. There are a lot of moving parts, and everything is moving ahead, albeit somewhat slowly.”