At the Feb. 18 Caliente City Council meeting, there was discussion of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) to relocate their office to room 5 at the Depot building with use of a storage room as well. The council voted on lowering the rental fee for the office for RSVP from $460 to $250 dollars. The office will be used to store food and other items used by the group for helping families and others in the community.

Young’s RV Park had some serious flooding problems with recent snow melting and rain near the water tower hill. The water flows down that hill straight into the park and residents’ yards and driveways. It has become very messy and the clean up very expensive. With the help of the city, the business owners think they can find a different route for the water to flow. Foreman Jerry Carter suggested they could bring the flow through the cemetery road and into the wash by digging a culvert and drive the water that way. Mayor Stana Hurlburt asked about a tapping wall and if that could be done, but there is not enough available property for a wall. Carter agreed the problem needed to be fixed and said the city will take some measurements and make a plan.

The State of Nevada requested a refund for $7,423 for electrical work done at the Caliente Youth Center. Hurlburt stated this is an audit issue and she did talk the city’s auditor Dan MacArthur and asked if this was electrical expense. MacArthur told her that it was not an option to come out of the city’s electric fund, but it could come out of streets funds. However, he added it is a state issue and is not the city’s responsibility. The refund was not approved.

The city has been approved for $20,000 to repair sidewalks. This will provide the ability to fix sidewalks where they are coming up from the ground and to fix any wear and tear.

The Parks and Beautification Committee reported plans to put a water feature near the flagpole and rock work by the Caliente sign on the west side, with some possible picnic tables and an iron train feature. This would make for some rest areas coming into and leaving Caliente for visitors to actually rest and see the beauty that surrounds Caliente.