Lincoln County for several years has had a contract with Clark County to house overflow inmates from the neighboring county’s system at the detention center in Pioche.

Now, Clark County is opening a 1,080 bed facility in the area of Nellis Air Force Base that might have an impact on the inmates Lincoln County is housing.

“We’re status quo, we’re full,” said Sheriff Kerry Lee. “We are working with Las Vegas Metro to see if we can continue the contract, but nothing has changed as of yet.”

Some large changes are being discussed by Las Vegas Metro, Lee said. “We don’t know how that might affect us. We are seeking to work on that with them.”

He said the new facility, the North Valley Complex Detention Center, is open but has been running on overtime and has been trying to get Clark County to fund their full-time staff, “and if that happens, it could have an effect on Lincoln County, but we don’t know to what extent. I’m hoping that in the next week or two we’ll have some word and know which direction they are going.”

Lee said the working relationship between the two agencies is very good and Lincoln is now housing about 90 overflow inmates from Clark County. Lincoln County has a capacity of 120.

Remodeling of a storage room into a women’s area, including a separate shower, has been put on hold at the moment. “We want to find out what is going to happen with Clark County to be sure we are going to continue the contract before we do anything more,” the sheriff said.

Lee said the past several years of having this contract with Metro has saved Las Vegas Metro money. “They pay us $74 a day for each inmate. Down in Vegas, their cost is $105 a day, so we are saving them a substantial amount of money.”

The assistance from Vegas Metro helps pay for not only the Lincoln County Detention Center, but also dispatch services.

Lee added the connection with Metro has helped immensely in regards to helping one another on certain cases, as well as being able to take part in a number of training sessions and learning about equipment.