A proposed cell tower location on Tailor Lane near Cemetery Road in Caliente drew concerns from residents. The location was not approved by the city council and T-Mobile is looking at other possible locations.

The Caliente Planning Commission held a meeting March 3 concerning the new T-Mobile tower parcel proposal.

T-Mobile representative Melissa Curry wanted to get input from residents on the location of the tower at Tailor Lane, near Cemetery Road. Some residents’ concerns were that the tower would be too close to homes and that it would not benefit the properties or home values.

Residents were also concerned for birds and other animal habitation in and around the area. Residents said they were not opposed to the tower and only opposed to this location and feel that T-Mobile could find a more sufficient and nonresidential spot.

Members of the planning commission suggested some other locations.

After hearing how the residents felt about the Tailor Lane Parcel, Curry said that T-Mobile would not be pursuing that location. Curry stated she heard enough from the community and feels T-Mobile could explore other locations for the tower. She added T-Mobile is still committed to building a tower somewhere in the city.

The Caliente City Council met directly after the planning commission. Mobile item was moved to the top of the agenda. Mayor Stana Hurlburt said she attended the planning meeting and agreed with the residents that the Tailor Lane parcel is not the best location, but she is also not opposed to the tower being built in Caliente. Curry was also at this meeting and reiterated that T-Mobile would be pursuing a different location and parcel. The request for conditional use permit for the Tailor Lane parcel was not approved and T-Mobile will make plans and resubmit for a new parcel location.

The council also discussed a draft of the new Lincoln County Bicycle plan. This plan would allow for bicycle lanes on the highway roads for cyclists. Ken Dixon expressed concerns for cyclists safety may. He suggested that a bicycle trail be created near, but not on, the highway.

The council discussed possible action to appoint a team of council members and staff to negotiate with the Teamsters Local 14 on behalf of city employees. The team would work to obtain the benefits that employees are searching for, and when a final agreement is reached the team will bring the proposal to the council members for approval. The council approve a negotiating team comprised of Councilman Steve Rowe, Councilman John Ahlstrom, city foreman Jerry Carter, and city clerk Kelli Haluzak. City attorney Dylan Frehner will be along to assist with negotiations as well.