Dance Dynamics had their annual dance review on March 11 at the Rick Phillips gymnasium in Panaca.

Dance Dynamics had their annual dance review on March 11 at the Rick Phillips gymnasium in Panaca.

Mindy Anderson, owner and operator of Dance Dynamics, was pleased and proud to review the amazing talent within her dance teams. The review is held once a year for the four different teams, Team Excel (16 girls), Team Elevate (10 girls), Team Extreme (15 girls), and Team Elite (12 girls). The teams were composed of girls ranging in ages eight to seniors in high school from Pioche, Panaca, Caliente and Alamo.

This was the seventh year for Dance Dynamics and some of the seniors that per- formed were from Anderson’s original and first dance team. Team Elite had auditions in May and the other teams auditioned in the fall, and they have all been practicing and rehearsing since. The review kicked off with an escorted introduction of each dancer, with tributes to the seniors who were dancing for their last year, and awards.

Following the introductions and awards, 29 different pieces were performed in a very well organized and enjoyable manner. There were entire team performances, solos, duets, trios and other arrangements. It was an amazing showcase of the talent within Dance Dynamics, and the hard work the girls and coaches put into each piece was evident, as they never missed a beat. The stunning costumes, stage props and decorations alongside the superb choreography and music made for a enjoyable show of Lincoln County’s talented dancers.

Anderson thanked her assistant coaches, Jessica Mathews and Anna Gloeckner. She thanked Gretchen Soderborg and Jenny Mathews for decorations and her husband, Bart Anderson, for announcing. She said she will miss her seniors from Team Elite, Jana Ahlstrom, Sarah Butler, Asia Frehner, Lizzy Gloeckner, Jenna Mastin, Jordan Phillips and Jade Walker. Community members expressed gratitude to have Dance Dynamics to give young dancers the opportunity to learn and grow in this performing arts field.

Dance Dynamics will show their dance recital for the younger non-team dancers on April 8 and 9 at the Neldon C. Mathews Center.