Pioche Volunteer Fire Department

Pioche kids ride in the fire truck headed to Pioche Elementary for the annual Easter Egg Hunt held Saturday morning.

The Pioche Easter Egg Hunt is always a wonderful representation of small town quaintness. The annual event was held Saturday morning. The Pioche Volunteer Fire Department has hosted the it for over fifty years, and it has held fast to many of the old-time traditions. The department starts the week prior to the hunt by driving around Pioche going door to door for donations from the locals. Local children dye over 900 hard boiled eggs at the fire station and the department hides them in the Pioche Elementary School yard along with plastic eggs. One hour before the egg hunt, the fire trucks drive through the entire town picking up children from their homes to take them to the hunt. This is the highlight for many of the kids.

The hunt is sectioned into age groups, and the hours of hard work is over in about one minute. Numbers are drawn, matched to retrieved eggs, for prizes including bikes and Easter baskets. All of the prizes come from donations from local households and businesses including Tilles, Nevada Bank and Trust, The Overland Hotel and Saloon, The Silver Cafe, Ghost Town Art and Coffee, The Berean Baptist Church and the Episcopalian Church. John Stever, Fire Chief, thanks everyone for the donations every year and remarks the hunt would not be possible without the generosity from the community.