Improvements are underway at senior housing centers in Caliente (above), Panaca and Pioche.

Lincoln County Senior Housing, LLC acquired USDA approval last week to begin improvements on Caliente, Panaca, and Pioche senior housing.

The demolition phase has begun on this approximately $2.5 million project. It is expected to take between six and seven months to finish all 52 subsidized units and three community centers. “The improvements are expected to last another 50 years,” said Executive Director Gerald M. Fritts.

Each unit will receive new windows, doors, carpeting, paint, air conditioning/heating units, bath fixtures, cabinets, lighting and appliances.

Senior Housing is providing hotel accommodations, packing materials and storage on the premises for personal belongings and furniture. Compensation for any damages and reimbursement for any food loss is also being provided.

The appliances/cabinets removed from the units that are still in good working condition will be offered to local residents for a $10 donation. Donations are being accepted at Grover C. Dils Medical Center, who will provide a receipt to pick up an item.

Any questions regarding the Senior Housing improvement transition may be directed to Wayne Johnson, Manager at Vantage Property Management at 702-803-0855. Johnson is currently accepting new applications for help with demolition and furniture moving.

Fritts said, “Several people were extremely helpful in getting the funding for this project; Commissioner Donohue, Kara Blake of USDA and Wayne Johnson of Vantage Properties.”