Jerry Carter, manager of Caliente Public Utilities, received the 2016 NvRWA Manager of the Year Award.

A standing ovation for Jerry Carter, manager of Caliente Public Utilities, opened the April 7 city council meeting.

Dan Parnowski, a supervisor from the Nevada Rural Water Association and Nathan Adams, Manager of Pioche Public Utilities, who is also a board member of NvRWA, presented Carter with the 2016 NvRWA Manager of the Year Award.

The Nevada Rural Water Association is a nonprofit membership organization providing water and wastewater technical assistance and watershed protection coordination programs statewide. Parnowski stated they “work with all the small communities from the state of Nevada. We represent 99 percent of all small systems in the state.”

Carter’s progressive aggressiveness with projects, dedication, studying and hard work was recognized at the 2016 NvRWA Annual Conference in Reno in March.

In other council business, a $286,160 Community Development Block Grant was received from for a water line project.

The Caliente Fire Department is hosting a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on Saturday, May 7.

A motion was approved for use of the City dump truck for free yard waste pick-up. Call Ty Mizer, Assistant Fire Chief at 775-962-1319 to schedule a yard waste pick-up.

The NTCH-VB, LLC request for conditional use permit to have cell phone communication tower located at parcel 0131781, (by the Transfer Station) was approved.

The Caliente Boxcar Museum will open its door Monday April 18. The museum will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.