There were some interesting topics discussed at the Pioche Town Board meeting held at the Town Hall on Tues-
day. The members on the board consisted of John Christian, Cindy Free, Glennon Zelch, Phyllis Robistow and Tom Brown. There were also several community leaders in attendance.

One of the topics was a request from the Chamber of Commerce regarding a major curb and gutter project on Second and Gold Streets. It was mentioned that the Regional Transportation Commission may potentially assist in the financing of this project. Also discussed were the plans for additional flood control measures.

The city is also preparing to get the ball fields ready for upcoming games as well as plans for power line extensions. Culvert extension plans are also in the works which would extend some by about four inches to assist with flooding control.

One hot topic was the water rights and who actually owns the water system in Castleton installed in approximately 1990. Some of those issues that needed clarification were who is responsible for repairs if pipes break and the sanitation of water when or if a pipe breaks. It was mentioned that Pioche owns the water rights to Castleton as of approximately 1981 and the distribution of water still needs to be clarified.

The power line extensions were also on the agenda and some questions were asked regarding whether or not future customers could tap in those lines at a later date and if costs could be recovered from the new customers. This will be added to the agenda to address further at the next board meeting.

There were discussions regarding an analysis of the financial impact on the Pioche Public Utilities if the electrical system is transferred to the Lincoln County Power District. More information and research will be necessary to finalize the answer to this question therefore this issue will be added to the next agenda.