The Board of Trustees regular monthly meeting was held on April 15 at the School District Office in Panaca. The board members include Peggy Rowe (President), Patrick Kelley, Carolyn Harr, Tyrus Mizer and Wade Poulsen.

The first item discussed was payment of bills which was approved by the committee and members in attendance. The next topic was the tentative budget presented by Ginger Shumway. The budget was projected to be approximately $570,000 dollars and believed not to exceed $600,000 by the end of 2017. There will be transfers from the general fund in the amount of $250,000 and from the capital project fund in the amount of $240,000.

The food service budget looks about the same this year but could increase due to higher attendance rates. That budget was estimated at $50,000. The  question was raised whether or not the State of Nevada would be reimbursing the county for some of the costs.

The board members also discussed the matter of scholarships and where the money is funneled to. They agreed it should be split between the two high schools. Which means Lincoln County and Pahranagat Valley would get equal amounts. Funding options were not expected to increase unless approved by voters in November.

Three bond options were discussed by the board and members. The option voted and approved was for roll over bonds. This will insure capacity to get money from bonds and the citizens taxes will not rise as a result. This matter will be discussed further at future board meeting and potentially added to the next board meeting.

A local animal care facility  has requested donation of a school bus which is much needed to transport animals from here to either Cedar City or St. George for care as currently there is not a local veterinarian. The bus is older, but is still in good working condition, and not being used by the LCSD. This service helps senior citizens and people who are unable to commute to have their pets cared for. The facility also helps with spade and neutering in Panaca.

Approval was given regarding Chad Young’s resignation, as well as Patrick Boyle’s. A full-time adult education/corrections teacher position was also approved. Motion was raised to advertise for a school nurse position and was approved. A motion for revisions for the food service program policy was discussed but due to complicated issues was tabled for the next board meeting.

Several issues needed more research and were scheduled for additional review for future meetings. Daniel Hunt was hired as an elementary counselor. It was mentioned the need for hiring a Pre-K teacher at Pahranagat Valley Elementary School, which was tabled for further discussion and reviewed at the next board meeting.

Approval was given to declare an NRS 388.011 emergency pertaining to the Pahranagat Valley High School vocational building as an emergency construction project. The school is in need of a shop metal building after a fire gutted the old shop earlier this year. The project was approved.

The board approved a motion to reduce class sizes to ensure quality education to students and the projections for costs for this was also approved.

The Washington DC trip for LCSD sixth graders from December 14 -19 was approved as well as the Knotts Berry Farm Music in the park trip for LCHS/MVMS music department from May 5 – 8.