The Red Rock Road Runners

The Red Rock Road Runners, a casual club based out of Utah that travels in RVs and rides ATVs for pleasure, stopped in Caliente last week.

The Red Rock Road Runners, a casual club based out of Utah that travels in RVs and rides ATVs for pleasure, visited Caliente last week.

Club president Pauline Jackson said there are approximately nine RVs that travel together on these excursions.

When the area allows, they bring their ATVs to ride for pleasure. They have been to locations including the Las Vegas bay area (Lake Mead Campground), and Cedar Pockets in between St. George and Mesquite. They also have taken their ATVs to the Fish Lake, Utah area and had a wonderful adventure there.

They did not ride in Lincoln County this year, though they have in the past.

The president is nominated by the club on a yearly basis. However, a person who has been President can be nominated consecutively or in future years.