A fire training center is being built in Panaca. County Fire District chief Rick Stever said, “It is a training facility for fire department training and possibility EMT and ambulance personnel. In addition, the sheriff said he might be able to use it also.”

Volunteer work is constructing the building close to the fire station in Panaca, said Stever.

The building will be a two-story structure. One of the rooms will be able to be used for training with real flames and/or with a smoke machine.

“We will be able to provide training for first responders and fire department that we do not presently have access to a facility we can use for smoke training, ladder training, or forcible entry training, etc.,” he said.

“All of the departments have been contacted,” he said, “and the members thought it would be a good idea and are excited about being to have a place locally to do the training that we need.”

Special instructors will be invited to come periodically for certain sessions, but some of the local firefighter volunteers, who may have certain types of training experience from their regular jobs, may be asked to conduct a class occasionally, as well as chief Stever himself.

Funding for the building is coming from current fire district monies along with contributions from other departments.

Stever said he did not know when the building might become operational. “Since it is being built by local volunteer work, it’s going to take a little longer than a professional contractor.”