solar field

A solar energy field similar to this one may be built by Enerparc Solar LLC in the Rachel area. The Lincoln County Planning Commission has approved a special use permit for the company.

Approval for a special use permit was given this month by the Lincoln County Planning Commission for development of a utility scale solar plant on approximately 50 acres of land west of Rachel, in the vicinity of Gunderson Road.

County Building Director Cory Lytle said plans call for a 3.75 megawatt solar facility to be built by Enerparc Solar Developments, LLC/Lincoln County Estates Investment Group, LLC.

He said the reason for wanting to develop the facility is to “get some profit out of the land.”

Enerparc Solar is an Oakland, Calif. based company, developing and implementing sustainable, profitable solar projects by building strong relationships with clients and partners.

Enerparc prefers to develop and implement solar photovoltaic projects in North America from one megawatt in size up to 100 megawatts, and the Rachel project is listed at 3.75 megawatts with the intention of selling the power to outside buyers.

That amount of megawatts is about what is used in the Pahranagat Valley in the peak winter months, although Lincoln County’s power comes from Hoover Dam.

Lytle said the Commission reviewed the application, looking at the adjoining uses, discussed some of the positives and negatives of the idea and made an informed decision to grant the special use permit.