Carp Rodeo

Despite, cool rainy weather, a group of close to 50 visitors and 25 volunteers came out for the Carp Rodeo on Saturday.

It rained in Lincoln County last Saturday, the very day of the Carp Rodeo at Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. One would think the weather would have kept the anglers from coming out to the event. Three-quarters of an inch by noon. But not so fast. A group of close to 50 visitors and 25 volunteers still came out for the event.

Tim Parker, Refuge Visitor Services Specialist said, “Wow, we are totally impressed with hardiness of this year’s contestants. Never mind the rain and cool temperatures, it was time to fish! During the competition competitors pulled out 28 carp! The largest was 6.7 lb. Some volunteers caught a few before and after the competition, bringing the total number to 53 removed in just one day. Thank you to everyone for helping improve the habitat.”