Alamo Annex

The new wrought iron fence at the Alamo Annex replaces the hand built rock wall erected in 1959 by the Ag class.

The new wrought iron fence in front of the Alamo Annex is now complete. Built by Pearson Bros. Construction, the fence is embedded in a concrete footing and extends all around the grass area in front of the Annex.

It replaces a rock wall that was handbuilt by Dell Sullivan’s Ag class students in 1959 when the building was still serving as Pahranagat Valley High School. Sullivan said it brings back some old memories to think about the wall.

“There were six or seven boys in my class and we decided to build the wall just for something to do. We gathered up stones from around the valley, brought them to the site in pickup trucks, put up a drinking fountain and a walkway too. It took us several months to do.” The fountain has been removed and the walkway has been replaced.

Pahranagat Valley Justice Court Judge Nola Holton said she made the decision to replace the rock wall because, “it was crumbling and people have run into it with their vehicles, knocking pieces off. It’s been falling apart and looking somewhat trashy. We needed to do some up- grading. We have been trying to make some improvements to the property and make it a little more inviting for the community to use.”