The Caliente Volunteer Fire Department recently had an open house on fire safety and emergency preparedness.

Joseph Mizer, who is the volunteer fire chief, said they are trying to spread the word about how to prepare for disasters. Parents were encouraged to include children to help gather supplies for the family’s emergency kit so they are educated on what is needed have a sense of empowerment. It is recommended that families gather at least three days worth of supplies. Emergency kits are recommended for the home and car. Kits should be prepared beforehand because people tend to be nervous and not thinking clearly when the disaster happens.

The Bureau of Land Management and State Farm sponsored the open house, and there were several volunteers helping. They shared preparedness resources, including the website Two apps are also available – one by FEMA and and the other put out by Red Cross Emergency. These resources share things such as what to have for supplies and how much.

Kids can visit the website for a list of measures to take in the event of an emergency.

Some other things recommended is to make sure a vehicle has a full tank of gas. Fill plastic bags with water and put them in the freezer. Also suggested is taking out extra cash have a good supply of prescription medication.