Kelly Garni (right) and Sheri Moore, owners of Ghost Town Art & Coffee Shop in Pioche.

Famed musician and artist Kelly Garni held his first jam session with local resident Justin Tibbets, LL Cool Guy and guests last Saturday night at his Ghost Town Art & Coffee Shop in Pioche.

“I’m hoping to have more local musicians visit my shop and plan regular jam sessions with me and other musician friends,” said Garni.

He and his long-time companion Sheri Moore opened Ghost Town in May of 2015 in a 150 year-old building on Main Street that was once a workshop. It started out as a gourmet coffee shop and art gallery. They now have a food menu that has received high praise so far. The shop was recently rated as one of the “15 ‘Hole In The Wall’ Restaurants in Nevada That Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away” by

Garni attributes their success to Moore, previous Chef and Owner of Seven Devil’s Steakhouse Saloon in Riggins, Idaho. She is the daughter of Clint Moore, former resident of Pioche.

Garni is a hard rock musician who is best known for playing bass in the band Quiet Riot. In 2013, he was inducted into the Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Reunion.

A man of many talents, Garni has created a unique style art that involves small seemingly insignificant objects that he finds in the desert, usually at remote mines and ghost towns. His “Found Object Art” consist of mainly metal and glass objects. Garni’s artwork is at Stone Malone’s Gallery in Los Angeles or in his private gallery at Ghost Town. He enjoys focusing on his art career. “I take my art seriously,” he said. “Some projects take me four months to design.”

Garni is also a professional photographer and author. Copies of his autobiography, “Angels with Dirty Faces,” are at the shop. The books focuses on him growing up with guitar legend Randy Rhoads. Rhoads was Garni’s lifetime friend, who died in a plane crash in 1982. The two founded Quiet Riot.

“Ghost Town Art & Coffee is like Pioche’s Cultural Center,” said Moore.

“We have art, music, history, gourmet coffee, frozen frappes’, good homemade food and now jam sessions, all in a cool vibe atmosphere”

Ghost Town Art & Coffee Co. is open seven days a week, Sunday through Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.