A pilot killed in the crash of a kit-built helicopter at a remote Nevada dry lake bed has been identified as a 58-year old Utah man with an aircraft operating license.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported that the victim has been identified as Kevin Eaton of St. George.

He said last Friday that an autopsy was planned following the death. The crash May 12 of the single-seat experimental gyrocopter appears to have been an accident.

Lee reported Eaton and a friend trailered the aircraft to Texas Dry Lake, also known as Jumbo, near Alamo, about 12 miles east of Highway 93.

The friend told deputies he heard an unusual “pop” sound before the copter plunged about 100 feet to the ground. Cell service is only available in about one spot at the lake, and Lee said the friend had to find that spot in order to call 911. Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire, Ambulance and EMS responded.

The FAA and NTSB are conducting the investigation.