Sawmill Run

Axel Pearson took first in the pro event at the Sawmill Run in Panaca on Saturday.

The Silver State Trail Blazers hosted the Sawmill Run at the Panaca Fairgrounds on Saturday.

The races stared at 7 a.m. with the Pee Wee’s in the first row and the MRAN 65 Novice class in the second row. Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of Sarah Edwards, racing in the Pee Wee class blazed from the starting line with her pink and white tutu flying in the wind as she launched into her race. Included in the 65 Novice class was Alexandra “Alie” Livreri, from Caliente. Alie is the daughter of Joe and Carmen Livreri and the parents are very proud of their daughter’s accomplishments. When talking to Alie she stated that her dad helped her “jump into the sport.” Alie is currently in first place in national status, according to her parents and also the leader in the WORC Series.

Race 2 Youth class was next on the roster. Included in this race was the Big Wheel class, among three other classifications. Cody Kurtz, 15, of Kurtz Racing Team and son of Active Duty Navy Master Chief Kyle Kurtz took first place in his division, on “lucky number 7.” This young man is definitely in it to win it regarding his racing career, stating he “wants to go pro, and loves it.”

In the fourth, race T.J. Rowe, 13, son of Tom and Janell Rowe, entered the 85 Novice riding a Honda and took third place. Before the results of the race were posted, T.J. thought he had a good ride and was happy with his performance.

Kaitlyn Jacobs from Los Gatos, Calif. was awaiting her upcoming race in the Women’s A/B. She said she was excited to be here but a bit nervous, since this was her comeback from a previous injury earlier in the year. She went on to take first place in her class riding a KTM 350.

Tegan Somers from Pioche spoke about the experience after his race. He took fifth in the Mini Class. He said, “He only wrecked a few times in the sand.” Not uncommon, as many riders dumped their bikes in the sand at the second turn from the starting line. Other riders were helpful in getting each other up and running.

George Yates was another person racing from outside the county. From Irvine, Calif., he was accompanied by his wife and their Pomeranian Parker. While awaiting his race results of the Masters 60+, Yates stated that the county’s terrain is a real challenge and a great test of endurance. Others concurred both in speech and body language. One racer actually passed the line and dropped his bike from being so worn out..

At approximately 1:30 p.m. the Pro Events took the starting line in their quest to snatch the prize purse. Many from the crowd state that Axel Pearson was favored to take first place. And this proved to be true, as Pearson flew past the checkered flag on a bright red KTM. Pearson said similarly what the other racers said about the ride. There were some “gnarly silks” with reference to the sand. He said he believed he was going to break down because he heard loud noises coming from his bike. Luckily, it was just a hole in his silencer having little to do with the performance of his engine and he went on to win the event.

Weather conditions were ideal, and there were no major injuries throughout the day. Some of the results of the races were unofficial when this article was written. For all final results please go to