Frank Joseph Delmue, life long resident and cattle rancher of Lincoln County, Nevada was born November 19,1930 to Albert Marcellus Delmue and Della Empey Delmue. He was the youngest of fve children and spent his early years living in Eagle Valley and Pioche where some of his earliest friendships began and many that lasted for his entire lifetime. Following his school years his family moved out to the Delmue Ranch where he started to build his cattle operation.

He had a real zest for life and every aspect of it, but on the forefront of all that were the animals, be it genetics, training, or just companionship. Going through the boxes of pictures was hard to fnd a photo of him that he was not holding a dog, riding a horse or working on a cow. On November 10, 1958 he married Rose Marie Condie and bought a house in Panaca and lived there for 19 years where they raised two sons and then moved back to the ranch.
He enjoyed talking to people be it at the cofee shop, on the street, or special events like bull sales, dog trials, rodeos or any other place people would gather.

He had a unique way with words, so much so that it’s hard to copy, but we’re sure that all of you who knew him understand that. Time would not allow a fraction of the stories that could be related to describe his love of life and how he lived it to the fullest, and how much he enjoyed people.

He passed away on May 28, 2016 at the age of 85 years and is survived by his wife of 58 years, two sons Pete Tony ( Jody ), Joe Albert ( Kacee ), three grandsons and one great grandson. Graveside services will be held at the Panaca City Cemetary, Saturday 12:00 pm June 4, 2016