Classic Cars

Classic cars line up for the Homecoming parade in Caliente on Saturday. There were 13 car and five bike participants in this year’s car show.

Hundreds gathered at the foot of Denton Height shortly before 10 Saturday morning for Caliente’s 65th Homecoming parade. The parade was led by Caliente’s VFW with a special tribute to local veteran Milo Miller who passed away in late April.

Chuck and Janice Adams of Pioche participated in the tribute to Milo with their 1959 Cadillac Convertible followed by their ‘57 Mercury and ‘57 Plymouth.

All attention was then on “Raisin Hell,” a purple ‘63 Chevy Nova that revved up the crowd. Caliente residents Larry and Marlene Harris showed their 3’8 Buick, ‘39 Chevy and a ‘40 Ford, driven by Caliente resident Tom Acklin. Candy was thrown from the cars to bystanders.

Josh Jones showed off his Chevy Caprice. Other local car and bike owner residents also drove in the parade following  the Caliente VFW floats. A variety of bicyclists, a pickup with Meadow Valley Middle School’s baseball team, a semi-diesel, carrying the Lincoln County High School baseball state champs and the “The Amazing Clown Train,” with Keith Larson followed. The parade ended at the Caliente Rodeo Grounds by the Depot. First prize went to the VFW with the tribute to Milo Miller, second prize went to the high school baseball team and third to the middle school baseball team.

Chett and Joanne Turnbull with Search and Rescue provided traffic control by the Depot. Ken and Joanne Dixon provided traffic control by the railroad. They worked with the railroad to close off the intersection tracks to ensure safety of the participants of the parade.

The cars and bikes then drove to Caliente Auto Repair to participate in the car show. There were 13 car and five bike participants, said Homecoming Committee member Trudy Faulkner, who was also able to ride on one of the bikes. “I haven’t been on a bike in several years, and boy it felt good,” said.

There was a variety of categories at the car show. Local residents judged the cars and bikes and trophies were awarded. Caliente residents Larry and Marlene Harris entered three cars and won three trophies. A “Thank You” trophy was awarded to Victor and Donna Jones for the use of their facility for the car show.