Dear Editor,

From 2013 to 2015, I had the honor of working for Congressman Steven Horsford. I made many friends in Lincoln County while working to fix issues with federal flood insurance programs and assisting Caliente Mayor Stana Hurlburt with her project of building a bike trail on BLM lands.

There are too many people to count running for Congressman Horsford’s old seat in Congress, but one stands above the rest: State Senator Ruben Kihuen.

Senator Kihuen has traveled to the far reaches of the sprawling district–he even had lunch in Mina, where I used to live. But more importantly, Senator Kihuen has a record of using his time in public office to benefit the public, not to check off a box on a bucket list or to benefit himself.

During the last legislative session, Senator Kihuen worked on a bill that established the Silver State Opportunity Grant–a program which helps working class rural Nevadans afford Community College.

Senator Kihuen’s record of listening to and fighting for rural and working class Nevadans is unparalleled among the candidates for the 4th District Congressional Seat. I strongly urge my friends in Lincoln County to vote for Senator Kihuen in the primary.


Michael Guss

Cashmere, WA