Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said a body, suspected to be that of a missing Lincoln County resident, was found last Saturday on Highland Mountain, west of Pioche, near the Comet Mine.

A group of trail riders on ATVs, on the backside of the mountain, came across a 2001 Saturn vehicle that appeared to have gotten stuck in a dry wash. The keys were in the vehicle and a dog was tied up to the car. Finding no one around, the riders widened their search, and about 100 yards away, Lee said, came across what appeared to be a deceased body of an adult female.

Lee said the call came into the sheriff’s department about 1:30 Saturday afternoon, and when deputies responded they ran a check of the license plates and found it was registered to a local resident and secured the scene. He said deputies estimated the vehicle had been there for “about two or three weeks, “with evidence also indicating it had been there prior to heavy rainstorms that swept the area June 11, “because sand and sediments washed away by the rains were piled up against the vehicle’s tires.”

Lee said he suspects the body might be that of a local woman who was reported missing a couple of weeks ago by a family member from out of state.

An autopsy will be conducted by the Clark County Coroner’s office using dental records and X-rays of the suspected person for comparison and positive identification.

After a positive identification is made, and family notified, the name of the victim can be released.

There was no sign of foul play, Lee said, and if the person is whom they suspect, she was known to have had a medical history which might have resulted for her not being able to walk away from the area and return to town. No cell phone was found, so the victim may not have been able to call for help either. Lee said from all indications it appears the cause of death was due to “dehydration and exposure.”