Law enforcement officials statewide will be focusing on people who are speeding from June 14 through June 30 throughout Nevada. In an effort to make the streets safer, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will be “Joining Forces,” looking for drivers who are speeding throughout Lincoln County during this time.

Many people think speeding may not be dangerous while driving. However, the chances of being involved in a traffic accident rise as you speed. There is a greater risk of losing control of your vehicle and the amount of time it takes to stop a vehicle increases when you are speeding. People may suffer unexpected economical and psychological effects as a result of being in an accident caused by speeding. These are just a few reasons why you should go the posted speed limit and not speed while driving to your destination(s).

Joining Forces is a statewide program paid through grants issued by the Nevada Department of Public Safety: Office of Traffic Safety. For more information about Joining Forces and other Traffic Safety Programs, please visit