On June 14 the Pioche Town Board members convened at the Pioche Town Hall. Members John Christian, Cindy Free, Glennon Zelch, Phyllis Robistow and Tom Brown were all in attendance.

The main focus of this meeting was to address the situation regarding the Castleton Water Distribution Report. This situation has been an ongoing dilemma for Pioche for many years. The board conducted a thorough discussion regarding all of the aspects of Castleton water distribution, including ownership.

The Castleton water distribution is a complex and expensive project and the board members addressed each item that was presented by city workers and residents alike. Board members do not want the residents of Castleton by any means unable to access water for their personal usage.

The expense of supplying water to each of the residents of Castleton was also discussed, and this item will be addressed in the near future after the determination of the tank capabilities and and the “overflow” water distribution has been investigated further.

Also on the agenda was a presentation by Launa Chouquer regarding her project Nevada Workforce. The board discussed several aspects of this presentation and basically were in agreement that the project was of viable interest. The final decision will be made upon at a later date due to the fact that certain parts of the initial process of implementing the project will require some investigating with regard to the pay scale and requirements of the entrants.

An item regarding customer Fred Thompson and the clarification of his line extension agreement lease was discussed and no solid conclusion was determined regarding liability. The only solid conclusion of this discussion was that no financial reimbursement was due to Thompson due to the fact that no written contract was in place. Also discussed during the consideration of this item was that “no verbal contracts” will be given in the future.

Swimming lessons for the children of Pioche was presented and approved unanimously by the board in addition to allowing lifeguards the ability to effectively train for their positions by using the pool to complete their hourly swim time requirements.

A discussion was held between the board members and the owner of the Hutchings Motel regarding the disposal of certain possible hazardous waste. The board discussed in depth a possible long term solution. This item will be further investigated in the future and the owner was satisfied with board members present decision.

The item of customer Stephanie Allen, question request for water shut off was approved unanimously by the board members.

An item was addressed with regard to BLM Expedited Disposal of Inholdings Land, within town limits of Pioche specifically. The board members agreed to send a letter in response at the earliest convenience.

Officially changed as of this date is the time schedule for the town board meetings, they will now be conducted at 2 p.m. instead of 3 p.m.

No changes to the flood control system were presented at this time in addition to the Chamber of Commerce or Financial reports.

The next meeting will be on July 12 at 2 p.m. at the Pioche Town Hall located at 345 Main Street, Pioche Nevada. All are welcome to attend.