County commissioner Paul Mathews, member of the subcommittee that has been dealing with solid waste haulers Recology and Western Elite said Western Elite is placing new collection bins at the local transfer stations this week.

Mathews said he was not too disappointed by District Judge Gary Fairman denying the county’s request for an injunction again Recology. “He took so long to make it, by the time he finally did, it really didn’t matter because by then, we already had a different plan in place.”

Dr. Adam Katschke, chairman of committee dealing with both Recology and Western Elite, will present a new plan for review and possible action by the full board of commissioners at their regular meeting July 5 at the courthouse in Pioche.

Mathews said a hauling plan with Western was worked out earlier this week, and when Recology removes their collection bins, “the plan is that on July 5, Western Elite will start mobilizing and hauling dumpsters into the County, starting with the Alamo transfer station, followed by Pioche and Panaca, “probably about one a day” The City of Caliente has a separate hauling contract with Recology that was not affected by the company suspending operations elsewhere in the county.

He encouraged everyone to look upon Western Elite with respect and not burn the new dumpsters, as some of Recology’s bins have been recently. “This is of key importance. They are going to bring us some nice bright blue dumpsters, and we must change our habits. We must convince people that we are moving to a brighter and a new era. It’s a big cost to the company to have dumpsters burned and it’s also the illegal destruction of private property.”

Mathews said the $160-a-ton tipping fee Recology is planning to charge at the Crestline landfill, some $800,000, is going to be a problem that will also still have to be decided in further legal and court actions.