Rose Lanigan -  The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts presented a plaque to the City of Caliente in appreciation of hosting the group’s recent race.

Rose Lanigan –
The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts presented a plaque to the City of Caliente in appreciation of hosting the group’s recent race.

At the June 16 Caliente City Council meeting, Regan Gubler, a representative of SNORE, Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts, presented the City of Caliente with an appreciation award. “I can’t begin to express how much we appreciate your generosity, continued support and dedication for every event we hold here in your city,” Gubler said.
City officials expressed appreciation for SNORE’s tremendous financial impact and donations made by the racing organization to the 4-H shooting, Caliente VFW and the Olson Senior Center.

Staying on the off-roading theme at the meeting, Zack Livreri, representing Silver State Trailblazers, requested approval for a National Hare and Hound Association motorcycle race to take place on Aug. 27. The council approved the race. There will be a spaghetti dinner the night before the race at the Caliente Fire Hall. All proceeds will go to Lincoln County High School girls basketball program.

This event will be a part of a national championship series, with several rounds in four different states. The event will be motorcycle only, ranging from 50cc to 450cc engine sizes. There will be three different engine size bike races and three different mileages. The bikes will start at the Caliente Pepper Farm. The main pit area will be at the Caliente Industrial Park. Medical emergency service and radio communication will be provided.

Also on the agenda, Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool renewal and payment from fiscal year 2016-2017 was approved.
City Council approved Mayor Stana Hurlburt and Ashley Tibbets to attend the Community Development Block Grant training in Ely June 27 to 29. “As a result of the City of Caliente being awarded the CDBG grant to replace the waterline, it’s a mandatory stipulation that we attend this workshop to get educated on the up-to-date information on the grant administration, said Hurlburt. The mayor also mentioned that she received a complimentary letter from the Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval with the grant agreement.

City attorney Dylan Frehner’s renewal contract was approved. Appreciation of his services were expressed by the city council.

The action to approve city representatives to serve on the Lincoln County Waste Management Board was approved. After this decision and discussions, Frehner and Jerry Carter will serve on the board. The council agreed it needs to be very involved with the current trash issues. Frehner assured the council that “as long as the landfill is open, our contract is valid, that’s the way the contract reads.”

Building inspector Ken Dixon stated that Carefree Living began moving tenants back into their apartments. Progress continues.

At the close of the meeting Hurlburt said, “I could not be more proud of Ashley Tibbets. She passed the lifeguard test with flying colors, and it’s not an easy class.”