Correction: In the July 8 story, The Record reported the robbery took place at the Little A’Le’Inn, but it was actually at a residence near the business and a motel room. The story has been corrected below. More details have been provided in the July 15 edition of the paper.

Four people from Las Vegas and Arizona have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery early Wednesday morning at a residence and motel room next to the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel.

Sheriff Kerry Lee said the robbery occurred about 2 a.m. when the suspects broke into the buildings. “It is very early in our investigation,” he said, “but we have taken four people in custody, two adult males, a male juvenile and a female juvenile. There are multiple charges of armed robbery, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, firing a weapon inside an occupied structure, possession of stolen cash and property.”

Lee said the suspects were stopped at about 2:30 a.m. by deputies and Highway Patrol as they were leaving the Rachel area heading east on State Route 375. There was no high speed pursuit he said.

“They just pulled over. However, we think they may have thrown some of the items out of the moving vehicle along the highway and in Tikapoo Valley, and we are looking for that now.”

All of the deputies from the Alamo department were mobilized, one from Caliente, as well as two Highway Patrol Troopers from Alamo.

Lee said cash was taken, a TV, as well as some personal items.