Chris Carlton, director of the BLM Caliente Field office informed the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners this week of new boundary changes with the Ely and Caliente districts.

He said, “The Caliente field office now manages up to the Lincoln County line. Basically, going from the two northern field offices, Shell and Egan, the line moved up to the county border.”

Commissioner Varlin Higbee asked how will the new changes “affect the grazing allotments that straddle the county line?”

Carlton said the biggest change will be at Wilson Creek, but that decision had not been made yet, and then it will be administered by the Caliente office. “There are a couple of others that are on the line,” he said, “and our goal now is to figure out where has the permittee been going to pay his bill, what other allotments do they have, and which location makes the most sense for them.”

He said the permittees are presently being contacted and advised of the changes and which location would work best for them.

For some cattlemen, it is easier to do business with the Ely office than with the Caliente office, especially if they are straddling the line.

Carlton said the two main goals for the Caliente office for the new fiscal year is to get two grazing permits out and a fiscal analysis on Round Three of the land sales is due to be reported.

He said the Caliente office has a new front office person, “and we are still working on hiring another biologist. We have one, but need two. Another planner is the last position needed. After that we should be at 100 percent full staff.”

As it moves along, the new Basin and Range Monument will be managed out of the Caliente Field Office under the direction of monument manager Alycia Styles.