LoganMore details were provided regarding an armed robbery that occurred during the early morning of July 6 in Rachel.

The Record reported last week that the robbery occurred at the Little A’Le’ Inn, but it actually took place nearby at the business owner Pat Travis’ residence and a motel room.

Sheriff Kerry Lee said Montel M. Givens, 19, and Phillip S. Logan, 18, along with two juveniles, allegedly first broke into a home next to the Little A’Le’Inn and stole thousands of dollars, electronics, firearms and other valuable items at gunpoint. Travis, 73, was in the home with her nephew, who is mentally handicapped, according to co-owner and Travis’ daughter Connie West. The nephew was assaulted, suffering minor injuries to his face. At least two shots were fired by the suspects at the home. West said one shot went directly into the bed that Travis was in. It went diagonally through the bed and into the wall and floor. “By the grace of God, they missed her,” West said. Another shot was fired in the living room, she added. No gunshot injuries took place.

The suspects also went to a motel room, knocked on the door and, when the occupant answered, pulled a gun and stole mainly cash, Lee said.

Motive for the crime is still under investigation, though the sheriff said “we feel that there’s a connection, and we’re investigating that connection.”

The sheriff’s department received a 911 call at approximately 2:30 a.m. reporting an armed robbery in progress. The caller had to disconnect the phone, as she was threatened not to call the police “or they would kill her,” West said. Unable to reconnect with Travis, the sheriff’s department called West, who lives off-property in Rachel, and notified her of the situation. West drove to where she could see the property and kept dispatch updated, including informing them when the suspects left the scene.

Several sheriff and Nevada Highway Patrol officers were dispatched, and intercepted a Ford Ranger pickup traveling toward Alamo on State Route 375. With no other traffic on that road, officers conducted a felony traffic stop and the four suspects were arrested.

“In plain view of the traffic stop, they were able to see several items that had been reported stolen from the scene,” Lee said. “So they felt like they were pretty confident that they had the suspects and the vehicle.”

One suspect gave minor resistance to arrest, but gave up without the need for the use of force by officers, Lee said. The two adults were booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center. Givens has been charged with kidnapping, robbery, aiming/pointing/discharge a firearm, possession of stolen property, theft of a firearm, grand larceny, burglary and battery with intent to commit a crime. He is being held at the detention center on $420,000 bail.

Logan has been charged with kidnapping, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, theft of a firearm, possession of stolen property and is also being held at the detention center on $320,000 bail.

“These guys are looking at some really substantial charges because of this,” Lee said.

The juveniles, one male and one female, were booked in Lincoln County Juvenile Probation and have since been transferred to the Juvenile Detention Center in Elko.

The suspects were from Kingman, Arizona, Las Vegas and Pahrump areas.

Lee added he was pleased with how his department and the highway patrol worked together in apprehending the suspects. He said they were also able to retrieve most of the stolen property.

“We pretty much recovered everything that we know of, and have all four in custody, plus the firearms, so we’re very, very happy with that.”

As for the victims, it will take some time to get over what happened. “My mom is absolutely amazing on the outside,” West said. “On the inside, she is a wreck.” West added that her cousin is also taking it hard.

“I’m just angry at the whole situation,” West said. “My mother could have died.”

Damage to Travis’ home was extensive. “They literally ransacked the entire house,” West said.
She added “that in 28 years, nothing like this has ever happened.”

Additional security is being added, including more video surveillance on the outside of the property. West said that keeping customers safe and comfortable is a top priority.