Historic Caliente House
Randy Alfano, project manager at The Bison Group and proprietor of Treasure Hunters Classy Consignments, finished the renovation at 190 Front Street in Caliente on the Fourth of July.

Alfano, a Caliente resident, started the renovation project in January. The bungalow-style home was sold before it was finished and before it went on the market.

The house, across from the Nevada State Bank, at one time was considered the eyesore of the community, due to its condition. Alfano continues to receive compliments from residents on the success of his renovation. “I kept the integrity of the bungalow style”, said Alfano. “It took longer than I had anticipated, but I am pleased with the end result.”

The Bison Group, founded in 2013, was primarily established for real estate renovations, maintenance and upkeep of the properties. Alfano stated that he would like to see more renovations of buildings and homes that have historical significance in the community.

Alfano also has a passion for reconditioning collectibles and antiques, large or small. In his spare time you will find him at Treasure Hunters Classy Consignments on Clover Street in Caliente.

Spring of 2016 marks Treasure Hunters second year of business. The store caters to antiques and collectibles.

The business recently expanded by entering the the online sales market. “You can find Treasure Hunters shops on the world famous ebay, Etsy and Facebook,” Alfano said. “A lot of our online sales are customers from the east coast.
We’ve actually had a few international online sales, Belgium being one of them. Our sale items are now on local trading posts including Lincoln County, Alamo, White Pine County and Cedar City.

Treasure Hunters also offers field service consignment, said Alfano. “A field service representative will come to you, take a picture of your sale item and sell it for you without the item having to leave your possession.”

Treasure Hunters sale items are from local vendors in the community and private ownership. They offer “minimum” commission rates and/or individual contracts.

“Our goal is to please our customers and our vendors,” said Alfano. “We can arrange delivery and shipping as needed.”

Alfano recently contacted LCAT, Lincoln Communities Action Team, to offer his store as a Lincoln County tourism information center. “We now have an assortment of Lincoln County tourist information pamphlets at our store. I am always open to ideas to bring in more tourists to our community.”

Treasure Hunters Classy Consignments is located at 197 Clover St in Caliente, one block north of the Railroad Depot. The store’s hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store can be reached at 775-726-3755. Alfano can be reached at 702-467-3209.