Montel Givens, 19, one of the suspects arrested following the armed robbery at a home in Rachel, next to the Little A’Le’ Inn, has accepted a plea bargain.

Lincoln County District Attorney Daniel Hooge said Givens pleaded guilty to robbery with a deadly weapon. “As a serious felony, it comes with two separate sentences. One for 2 to 15 years, and another for 1 to 15 years consecutive. In total, he could serve up to 30 years, with a minimum of three years.”

Givens and fellow suspect Phillip Logan, 18, were scheduled to appear in Pahranagat Valley Justice Court Aug. 10, but Givens will not need to. Hooge said, “We are going to stipulate that because of his age, he spend the first six months in boot camp, (likely the Three Lakes Valley Boot Camp in Indian Springs), and once he finishes that he will likely go into the main prison there.” Three Lakes Valley Boot Camp is similar to the Pioche Conservation Camp.

Logan, on the other hand has not taken a plea bargain yet. “We offered him the same deal, but he said he wants something better because his attorney, Michael Castillo of Las Vegas, is arguing that he was less involved,” Hooge said.

Both men and two juveniles were involved in the early morning armed robbery in Rachel July 6. However, all the suspects were later stopped on Highway 375 and arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies and troopers from the Nevada Highway Patrol.

The juveniles, a male and female, were booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center but later transferred to the Juvenile Detention Center in Elko. “The female we are going to continue to treat as a juvenile because she was more of the getaway driver and did not handle any of the firearms used,” Hooge said. “However, the male juvenile we are going to certify him as an adult, to be tried as an adult. He did handle a firearm and will be charged with multiple counts of armed robbery, burglary and grand theft which will carry the same 3-30 year sentence as Givens faces.”

His certification hearing is scheduled for district court in Pioche Sept. 7-8, and if certified, will be booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center.