After $2.5M Makeover, Open House Held for Lincoln Senior Housing

After $2.5M Makeover, Open House Held for Lincoln Senior Housing

Carefree Living held its open house on July 28. A newly remodeled apartment was open for viewing to all who attended. Donuts and beverages were provided.

With new construction near completion, the name of the senior apartments is changings. “New beginnings bring new changes as well,” said Wayne Johnson, manager of Vantage Property Management. “Say hello to Lincoln Senior Housing.”

The name change became effective Aug. 1.

“New make over, new name as well. It’s a fresh start so to speak,” Johnson said. “New signs will reflect our new name.”

Johnson hosted the open house along with owners of the property Gerald Fritz, Bob Jamison and Stewart Boyd. Kara Blake from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), County Commissioner Paul Donohue and Building Inspector Ken Dixon also attended the open house along with residents of Carefree Living, remodel employees and local members of the community.

Appreciation was expressed to everyone involved in making this 2.5 million dollar project a great success. “Special thanks to Commissioner Paul Donohue and Building Inspector Ken Dixon,” Johnson said. “We could not of done this without them.”

Landscaping work continues at the Caliente property, Jamison said. “We have plans to plant grass in designated areas for next season.”

Residents at all three sites, Caliente, Pioche and Panaca, are expected to be back in their apartments by Aug. 31.
“We will still have some cosmetic work to finish and should be 100 percent complete by Sept. 30,” Johnson said.

“We would also like to thank Julie Sartini for her many years she dedicated to these communities and the residents of Carefree Living and the community for their patience and understanding during this remodel,” he added.

Vantage Property Management can be reached at 702-803-0855.