At the Aug. 4 meeting, the council passed an approval of Chad and Brenda Young’s parcel map, separating their residence from the Young’s RV Park property.

Next was the approval of a business license for Erin and Samuel Larsen, LuLaRoe Lovin Larsen. Larsens are having an open house /grand opening with Caliente Elementary School Fundraiser as their host. LuLaRoe Lovin Larsen is located at 198 Clover Street in Caliente. The grand opening will be tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The city council then approved the hiring of Michael Shinkle as a utility groundsman. Shinkle attended the meeting, thanked the council for this great opportunity and left with a smile.

The council unanimously approved the action to change the residential garbage pickup to Thursdays. This change will begin the week of Sept. 12.

The Resolution Joint City of Caliente and Lincoln County Hazard Mitigation Plan, dated July 24, 2016, was approved.
The contract with Sunrise Engineering for Sunrise Cloud Smart GIS Mapping and Management Services was approved.

City Clerk Kelli Haluzak announced that Amanda Anderson’s position at City Hall expanded into a full- time position. Haluzak then announced that city hall will now be open on Fridays.

Councilman Victor Jones announced, “we are currently looking for volunteers to man the Boxcar Museum.”